Aquaman trailer still

Warner Bros. Pictures

The world is ready for a new ruler -- a fictional one, that is.

After the final "Aquaman" trailer dropped on Monday, fans have been making it clear they're excited about this journey into the aquatic superhero's story. The preview revealed a lot of new footage, especially underwater action sequences. Apparently, people were impressed. On Twitter, they've responded with serious enthusiasm -- even in cases where they admitted to being lukewarm on the DC Extended Universe so far.

Check out some of their tweets below.

For director James Wan, it must be a relief to see how people are responding so far. Just two weeks before the final trailer came out, he shared that the movie was officially done and it was a "monster undertaking." He gave a shout-out to all the people who did post-production work such as adding visual and sound effects and thanked them for working "tirelessly around the clock." It looks like their efforts are paying off, as people are ready to embrace their possible king.

"Aquaman" opens in Dec. 21, and there are also early showings on Dec. 15.